Gas detector / CO alarm


Carbon monoxide detector

Many gases are an hazard for your health and some of them can even be deadly in certain quantities. Many gases are color- and scentless and are lighter than air. This prevents the human senses to notice them before it's too late. The gas detector in our wholesale is the perfect solution. The gas detector in our wholesale analyses different types of gases and sounds an alarm when the maximal concentration is exceeded. This tool can prove its use in private and business situations.

Order the carbon monoxide detector in our wholesale

The gas detector in our wholesale doesn't only function as a carbon monoxide detector, but also as a general gas detector. The model detects combustible gases like natural gas/methane, propane and LPG. The detector will warn you for gas leaks in time, so that you won't be exposed to all sorts of dangerous substances. The gas detector can serve its purpose in private or business situations. If your office has many risk areas for gas release, then a gas detector is necessary. If you are or example responsable for the well-being of guests, for example in a hotel, then you must install gas detectors. Safety is a necessity. The gas detector analyses which gas and the concentration of the gas that has been released.

Specifications of the carbon monoxide detector rom our wholesale.

The carbon monoxide detector/gas detector in our wholesale is easy to install and can be placed in different areas of the room. You can easily connect the detector to your electrical net with the provided cable. The control lights indicate various things. You can for example check if the detector is active or when it's sounding an alarm. Specifications of the carbon monoxide detector:

  • Easy to install
  • Alarm of 85 dB
  • Detects many different types of gases
  • Comes with electric cable
  • Handy control lights
  • 220 V / 50 Hz
  • Weighs 254 g (8,96 oz)
  • Boot time of 60 seconds
  • Battery consumption in stand-by: less than 1.5 W
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