Gator grip - universal socket set


Gator grip - universal socket set

The best addition to your toolbox is a universal socket set. This enables you to handle a lot of tasks quickly and efficiently as well as professional and  as DIY professional. Due to the gator grip you can handle screw of  all sizes. The gator grip automatically adjusts to the screw. Even if the screw is rusty, extra stuck or broken, you will be able to loosen it with the gator.. With the universal socket set of the wholesale, you can also handle almost any other form of attachment. Think of bolts, nails and hooks.

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The gator grip of the universal socket set is so special because it automatically adapts to the size of the attachment. That means you can actually replace half of the contents of your toolbox with this unique invention. So, you will have the right tools at hand within just a moment. Try the gator grip yourself and let yourself be surprised by the simplicity with which you can remove attachments like broken screws of any size. Both at home and for your customer, tasks can suddenly be done faster. This versatile tool is made of high quality materials and will last very long.

Specifications of the gator grip from our wholesale

The gator grip is a multifunctional socket set you can use with all kinds of tasks. Therefore, this esocket set may not be missed in any professionals' toolbox, do-it-yourselfers soon will not be able to do without it also. The model can be used for multiple sizes of bolts and screws, and can also be used when turning screws.

  • Suitable for screws of different sizes
  • Insertible for bolts, hooks, etc.
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Compact and lightweight
  • For professionals and DIY
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