Google cardboard V2


Google cardboard V2 buy wholesale!

Google cardboard is based on the well known and popular Oculus Rift. In our wholesale Google cardboard V2 is available. The Google cardboard V2 you experience virtual reality. The glasses are easy to assemble and suitable for all phones to 6 inch screen. The iPhone fits 6 The Samsung 5 or older models in these glasses. The v2 is the newer version of the original cardboard. In many areas, this modified, which increases the ease of use.

In our wholesale available

The virtual reality glasses is hugely popular among young people but also older people are crazy. So our Dutch King Willem Alexander Google cardboard V2 may try in Denmark. Using your smartphone, you experience the virtual glasses. The older version had themselves put together. This took about 3 minutes. The V2 virtual glasses are ready to use within 10 seconds. Our wholesale has a large stock of Google cardboard V2.

How does the Google cardboard V2?

This virtual reality glasses works with the smartphone. The smartphone is inserted into the Google cardboard V2. Then a virtual reality application is launched. This gives the user a virtual reality experience. The apps can be downloaded from the AppStore or via the Apple app store. Google cardboard app works as a starting point and helps with the cardboard institutions.

Google cardboard: V2 improved version

Google cardboard V2 is an enhanced version has much more to offer than the first version. For example, the Google cardboard V2 has better lenses. The magnetic switch from one version was replaced by Google cardboard V2 by the aluminum knob. Google cardboard V2 is ready to use within 10 seconds, something that takes much longer at version 1.
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