Google Cardboard


Google cardboard can be ordered at the wholesale!

Virtual reality with the Google cardboard! With the Google cardboard, your smartphone turns into virtual reality glasses. The Oculus Rift has made Virtual reality extremely popular. Unfortunately, these glasses are rather expensive. With the Google cardboard, you can experience this in a cheap way. The Google cardboard can be created within 3 minutes. You can easily fold the cardboard glasses. Almost every smartphone fits in the Google cardboard. Provided that the screen does not exceed 5.7". So the Samsung 4 or 5, or the iPhone 6 fit in. The Google cardboard is available at our wholesale and is much cheaper than the original Oculus Rift.

Google Cardboard Apps

People who purchased the Google cardboard can download the cardboard app. This can be used to set the glasses. This app can also be used to watch demos and to download new apps. Tens of apps work with these glasses. From games to Google Earth, from virtual camera! The number of apps will increase tremendously in the next few years. Our wholesales offers cardboard glasses that are suitable for everyone.

Google cardboard is available at our wholesale

The cardboard is extremely popular. Young and old are tempted to purchase it. That is why we have a large stock in our wholesale. It is important to use the right smartphone. Otherwise, the magnetic ring doesn't work, which can be used for a number of actions. See if your smartphone is supported or not.

Different options Google cardboard from our wholesale

Our wholesale does not just offer the basic glasses, which are foldable glasses, but also the cardboard with headband. You do not have to hold the cardboard, you can control it using your head. At the wholesale, you can also purchase the NFC car, combined with the virtual reality glasses. This makes it possible to communicate with the smartphone when using the cardboard. The cardboard weighs as little as 74 grams. The package contains the cardboard as cardboard, 2 lenses, 2 magnets, elastic, and 2 sets of Velcro.

Printing on cardboard?

It is possible to print on the cardboard, you can - for example - put your company logo in it. For the printing possibilities, please send us an e-mail. We can make a digital test print, and send you a tailor-made proposal.
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