GoPro Bracelet


GoPro bracelet

If you want to take full advantage of your action cam GoPro will either avoid the water. On, in and under water really make spectacular visual and with a waterproof camera holds nothing against you yet. Of course you do not want to lose precious camera in the turbulent world of water. The waterproof and floating wrist bracelet from our wholesale is specially designed for an action cam. Not only can you attach the camera to the bracelet so it is always ready for use, this handy device does more. If your action cam unexpected loosening of the wrist, then the buoyancy of the GoPro bracelet makes sure it stays on the surface.

Order the GoPro bracelet now in our wholesale

The striking color is again easy to locate the camera when you've lost it, and the bracelet is going to float. The equipment of your GoPro or other action cam is not complete without this GoPro bracelet from our wholesale. There is both a flat model as a round version. The round version is carried out in fluorescent green, while the other has a bright red tint. The bracelet has a special cord which you action cam simple but can be firmly fixed. The clever design is the bracelet does not make you in the way if your videos into the water that will amaze everyone.

Specifications of the GoPro bracelet from our wholesale

Do you use often your action cam on, around or even under the water? Then this GoPro bracelet should not miss the accessories of your action cam.

  • Round version in green or flat version in red
  • Indispensable accessory for underwater
  • Width of about 5.7 cm
  • Weighs 18 g
  • Suitable for camera's of up to 120 g
  • Outline of 22 - 38 cm
  • Made of polyester and PE foam
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