The GoPro Gimbal with charger and batteries / 3 AXIS gimbal


The GoPro Gimbal with charger and batteries / 3 AXIS gimbal

A gimbal is a stabilizing camera holder. The three shafts compensate the movements you make yourself during filming. With the 3 AXIS gimbal you always get beautiful, clear images with the ActionCam. This is especially useful when you ride your bike on a bumpy road or when you want to take the best pictures with your camera action while snowboarding. Because these three AXIS gimbal is lighter than traditional gimbals, you can take it easy and it is pleasant to use. The GoPro gimbal features brushless motors.

GoPro Gimbal Order wholesale

There are more and more things on the market that help you create stunning video. The GoPro Gimbal our wholesale is designed to provide more stability. It is not directly a tripod, but the three axis gimbal ensures that the camera remains in a stable position when you yourself moving during filming. The gimbal may not be set and you do anything special to do with your camera to work at all. You can confirm your GoPro camera simply on the gimbal and you can shoot. It is a matter of gaining experience to note how the use of this device can enhance your images and action can bring your videos and higher level. The most beautiful, flowing shots are created with a 3 AXIS gimbal.

Specifications GoPro Gimbal our wholesale

Where this GoPro Gimbal is characterized by our wholesale? We like to put a number of technical specifications of these 3 AXIS gimbal for you here.

  • Weight: 210 g
  • Power source: 3 cell Li-Ion
  • 2 positions
  • Led as energy indicator
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Integrated knob for adjusting the angle
  • Recording angle of 85 to -85 degrees
  • All wiring is inside the housing
  • With charger and batteries
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