GoPro strap chest mount


GoPro strap chest mount

With this GoPro strap you can simply attach the action camera on your chest. So you can easily make photos or videos while playing sports. Can be used for example during kite surfing, water skiing, sea kayaking, mountainbiking or any sport. By wearing the action camera at chest height, you can create more realistic images than when the camera would be mounted on the helmet.

Order the GoPro strap in our wholesale

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Specifications of the GoPro strap from our wholesale

The GoPro transmitter that you find at our wholesaler, is specially designed for GoPro Hero camera action. You can simply attach the camera to the band. Some features of the GoPro strap our wholesale at a glance:

    • Suitable for any GoPro Hero action cameras
    • Easily adjustable
    • To be used for various sports
    • ABS container with fixing screw
    • 150 g
    • Nylon strap

A Go Pro camera strap for action

The GoPro strap from our wholesale is a must-have accessorie for your action camera. Because it can easily be adjusted in size and the fact all GoPro Hero cameras are compatible, it is suitable for everyone. Solid straps and locking mechanics ensure that you can not lose the belt or camera. Thanks to the GoPro strap from our wholesalers you are completely hands free during sports while still emerge with vivid images. The action camera is not included. Go for the GoPro strap of our wholesale and give new impetus to your action shots and videos.

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