GoPro waterproof case


Waterproof GoPro case

This waterproof GoPro case can't miss in your GoPro accessories collection. The waterproof housing protects your camera optimally. Your action camera can make the most impressive images, but it can sometimes get some water on it. This could for example happen when filming watersports or during a rainy mountainbike trip. This only makes the images more spectacular, but it's important to protect your camera well when filming in such conditions. You can only do this with the right GoPro accessories.

Order the Waterproof GoPro case in our wholesale

If you like to take your GoPro action camera with you, you need to have the right GoPro accessories. It's important that the GoPro case doesn't interrupt the image during filming. The GoPro case in our wholesale doesn't distort the sound or decrease image quality. The sound will even be filtered in a better way, by blocking noise. The videos and photos are high-quality, even when shot under water. The slick look of the GoPro case makes your action cam look nice. The housing is transparent with some black touches which makes it look as timeless and advanced as the camera itself.

Specifications of the Waterproof GoPro case from our wholesale

The GoPro case in our wholesale protects your precious camera against water perfectly. The housing doesn't add any extra weight, which makes your camera as compact and lightweight as it was before.

  • Waterproof up to 30 m (98,43 ft) under water
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy model
  • Excellent protection for your GoPro
  • Compatible with multiple devices like 3, 3 plus, 4
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