GPS Kids Watch


GPS Kids Watch with GSM and GPS function

Many parents find it important to know where their child is. You can keep track on them by occasionally sending a message to each other, putting a GPS tracker in the backpack of your child or buy your child a children's watch with GPS function! This GPS watch also has another function which allows you to make calls

Order the GPS kids watch in our wholesale

Order this practical and cute kids gadget in our wholesale now. A handy gadget for parents and a fun and cheerful gadget for kids

Specifications of the GPS kids watch from our wholesale

We explain more about the functions of this GPS watch for children:

  • The watch has an SOS panic mode.
  • In addition, the watch also has an alarm which warns you when the watch falls off, combined with a flashing light. The alarm is automatically linked to the smartphone.
  • You can send voice messages with it.
  • There is the possibility to talk to each other via a dial function.
  • Function GPS and LBS dual mode positioning, the GPS function is used for outdoor and indoor LBS function
  • Geofence function: Allows you to specify the area in which you child is. Does your child still venture outside the designated area than an alarm will sound.
  • Follow your child on your own PC, iOS device or Android device.
  • Your child can press the SOS button in case of emergency. This allows parents and children to talk to each other.
  • The kids watch is also equipped with a good battery that can be recharged via a magnetic charger to the USB port of a laptop, computer or USB charger (not included).
  • The kids watch with GPS comes with a GSM signal, SOS voice recording button, a power button, a speaker, a microphone, a mother and a father button on the side.
  • Finally, the bright OLED screen shows the battery level, the strength of the GSM signal and the date of that day.

How to use your children's watch with GPS?

Follow these simple steps and you have the watch setup quickly.

  • Step 1: Install the SIM card in your children watch. The watch supports a micro SIM card 900/1800/1900 with GPRS.
  • Step 2: Download the app Aibeile and log in to the app through your own smartphone. Now you can begin setting up your child’s watch!

The ultimate gadget for parents and children who would like to be kept informed of their child's location!

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