Grey backpack - ideal as a schoolbag


Grey backpack - ideal as a schoolbag

For your children you want a good school bag in which  they can store their precious stuff. The best way to wear those items is in a backpack. This ensures the weight of the schoolbag is well distributed across the whole body. But of course, this wholesale school bag has even more benefits than good portability. The backpack is robust, well lockable and is designed according to the latest insights. The design is nice and all of this time.

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A school bag is very different nowadays than when you had to go to school as a parent. Because apart from books, paper and writing materials, now there has to be room for an essential laptop or tablet. And of course, the smartphone must also get its room . This is fully in provided by the backpack of the wholesale. In addition, there is also a USB connector in the backpack, where you can easily connect the charging cable of your smartphone. To prevent something from happening with all precious items, they are well protected by the inner lining. The outside is made of rugged canvas and can take a beating Additionally, this is an ideal fabric when you have to defend yourself as a student against bad weather. The sturdy zippers allow the backpack to be sealed securely.

Specifications of the backpack from our wholesale

The backpack from our wholesaler is made of canvas and designed to last a lot of time. That's why the model is also suitable as a school bag, because of course a backpack is used very intensively. Of course, the suitcase is also suitable for adults and the design is made for both men and women.

  • About 48 cm high and 28 cm wide
  • Made of sturdy canvas
  • Unisex design
  • With USB connection
  • Adjustable straps
  • Sustainable design

EAN: 3437802150157 
SKU: Q148-grijs

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