Halogen Super Bright Car Light


Halogen Super Bright Car light

Traffic is all about safety, for both you and your passengers. A good sight is one of the most important requirements. Even if you have the best set of eyes possible, they won't suffice in situations where there isn't enough light. Choose for the best sight in your car. The halogen super bright car light in our wholesale will provide you just this. Our eyes are used to a specific natural light and function best under this lighting conditions. Halogen light comes nearest to the light which suits the human sight best. These car lights are compatible with all cars and types, which makes it easy to install them. The universal halogen lights are the perfect solutions for any driver.

Order the halogen car light in our wholesale

You can be confronted to many different sorts of traffic situations which reduce your sight considerably, for example: fog, rain, snow or hail. Chances of an accident are the greatest in these situations. In these situations you should be able to rely on your car lights. Car lights are very important and halogen lights are the best for sight and safety. These car lights can also serve as fog lights. You can choose between H4 or H7.

Specifications of the halogen light from our wholesale

The halogen light in our wholesale guarantees a better sight while driving. Extra light can also come in handy when performing certain manoeuvres. Think of reverse parking at dawn. You can easily miss small obstacles in low-light circumstances. Here are some specifications of the car light in our wholesale:

  • 12 V
  • Easy to connect
  • 55 Watt
  • 6000 k
  • Compatible with any car
  • Dimensions H4: Hight: 73 mm (2,87 in), Light profile: 15 mm (0,59 in), diameter frame: 43 mm (1,69 in), connector: 18 mm (0,71 in)
  • Dimensions H7: Hight: 52 mm (2,05 in), light profile: 11 mm, diameter frame: 33 mm (1,3 in), connector: 12 mm (1,47 in)
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