Handbag organizer


Handbag organizer

It's often quite a hassle to take everything on a travel. This bag in a bag is the answer. That bag is designed so efficient that you can put everything a good place. Would you like to be sure that all necessary makeup etc is stored efficient? Or do you want to be sure that all the little things you want to take and need on a travel get a enough room? Think of your keys, chargers, papers and such matters.

Order the handbag organizer now in our wholesale

With this handbag organizer you have a bag in bag from the wholesalers in which everything can be stored. And if you travel in company, there are  different colors available so no misunderstandings can arise which organizer belongs to whom. People who travel a lot, really can not do without this handy organizer. But of course it is also ideal for short trips or the summer vacation. At home it can be an ideal storage place for small items which otherwise would have no fixed place and could get lost.

Specifications of the handbag organizer from our wholesale

Do you never want to lose anymore stuff? Do you need a bag in bag for all of your makeup or other essential items, such as your phone, earphones, cards and keys? This handy handbag organizer from our wholesale company can be used in many ways and offers enough space for all these things. Both in the central compartment as in the boxes on the sides you can put all kinds of items. So you will never have to search you bag anymore to find  just that one card.

  • With pockets on the inside and outside
  • Handy zipper for the central compartment
  • 28 x 8 x 18 cm
  • Made of terylene and cotton
  • Weighs approximately 100 g
  • Available in three different colors
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