Handy bicycle computer with odometer


Handy bicycle computer with odometer

Cycling is healthy and relaxing and almost everyone has a bike. The bicycle computer of the wholesaler makes it even more fun. In the past, you might only have an odometer on your bike. But this cycling computer can do much more and is of course digital. The clear LCD screen is very easy to read and gives you a good overview of all collected data. The device can also be very firmly attached to the bicycle.

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The bike computer is easy to attach to any bike with the supplied cables. And then you suddenly have all the options that this offers. Of course there is an odometer, and a speedometer. But this modern version of the odometer can do much more and you can use those features to get more fun out of your bike rides. Take a look at the convenience of everything that's possible. This handy tool works on a battery that lasts a long time. And of course, this super luxurious odomter  is also able to withstand the sometimes turbulent weather in our country.

Specifications of the bicycle computer from our wholesale

Do you often ride a bike? Then you know how nice it is to have an overview of all the details of your trip. With the bicycle computer from our wholesaler you not only have a good odometer, but many other items  are also measured. This way you can see exactly how long the slopes you took and how much time you've done about it.

  • SPD: Current Speed.
  • ODO: Mileage.
  • DST: Travel Distance.
  • MXS: Maximum Speed.
  • AVS: Average Speed.
  • TTM: Total travel time.
  • TM: Travel time.
  • RAT: Total cycling time.
  • CLK: Clock (12h / 24h).
  • SW: Stopwatch.
  • TM up: Ride time increases.
  • TM down: decrease cycle time.
  • Trip UP: Distance rise.
  • Trip DN: Distance the valley
  • Hibernation mode
  • Maintenance salar.
  • Over-speed notification.
  • Battery indicator.
  • Auto: ON / OFF.
  • LCD screen: 4 x 3.3 cm
  • Size: 5 x 4 x 1.8 cm
  • Weight: 67g
  • Cable length: approx. 90 cm
EAN: 3437802020832 
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