HD IP camera - WIFI camera - fisheye

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IP camera - WIFI camera - Fisheye lens

Nowadays, it is almost unavoidable to protect valuable items with CCTV. This can be done easily with the IP camera from wholesalers. This model is of course usable at home and also at your business rooms. This wifi camera from our wholesale business is very advanced. The model provides you with the fisheye lens which shows a 360 degree view. This eliminates dead angles which could be used by burglars or intruders. You get a complete overview and also take images of all which happens under view of the camera. Of course this wifi camera also has infrared so it can be used 24/7.


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It is not difficult to install  this IP cameras and its size is so compact the wifi camera can be placed in an inconspicuous place without any problem. Feel safe at home and know that valuables can be monitored remotely excellently with this handy wifi camera. Because the images are HD quality, you can feel confident about the clarity of it. Of course this wifi camera can also be used to look after your most precious possession: your children. Because there is a two-way audio available you can listen to the sounds of children but also make your voice heard there as the need arises.


Specifications of the IP camera from our wholesale

Whether you want more certainty regarding the security of your home or business premises or if you want to keep an eye on your sleeping child(ren), this handy item  will always be useful .

  • With images of HD quality
  • Fisheye lens for 360 degree image
  • Easy to attach
  • Sustainable model
  • Always enough memory transfer
  • With two-way audio
  • Equipped with reset button
  • Easy to connect to wifi
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