HDMI cable for micro USB and lightning


HDMI cable for micro USB and lightning

The current smartphones can be incredible, but these options will often be more useful if you connect them to other devices. Some apps are just more fun on a big screen. To do this, use the HDMI cable to the micro USB / lightning of the wholesale. For example, you can use an HD screen to view photos or videos from your smartphone. You can of course also connect the HDMI cable to a good speaker to listen to your favorite music with perfect sound. And games are also a lot more fun if you can play them on the big screen using the HDMI cable.

Order the HDMI cable now in our wholesale

No more hassle with a lot of different cables. The HDMI cable from our wholesaler is suitable for all major smartphone brands and can be used on virtually any of your other devices due to the convenient connection via micro USB / lightning. The cable is very simple in use. It's a matter of plug and play. This is particularly useful because you can use this wholesale wholesale HDMI cable anywhere to connect the desired device to your smartphone or tablet via lightning or micro USB, depending on the type of device you have. You simply take the HDMI cable to lightning or micro USB and you can enjoy all the possibilities on a large image anywhere.

Specifications of the HDMI cable from our wholesale

The HDMI cable from our wholesaler has two different outputs, namely micro USB and lightning. This allows you to use this model for both iOS and Android.

  • Cable of no less than 2 meters long
  • Suitable for iOS and Android
  • Only for iPad cellular
  • Available in silver and black
  • Works according to plug & play
  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Current: 5 A

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3437802020665 / S036-zwart

3437802020658 / S036-zilver

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