Heart Rate Monitor


Heart Rate Monitor

Who wants to work in an efficient way on his stamina must use a heart rate monitor. With the chest strap from our wholesale you can get started right away. The human heart rate at rest and during exercise tells a lot about the stamina of your body. If you start exercising or if you want to work in a more efficient way a heart monitor is a must need. Start with a measurement at rest and watch your heart rate rising during exercise. The heart rate monitor supports Bluetooth 4.0.

Order the Heart Rate Monitor now in our wholesale

It is very important to measure how your heart rate develops. Your stamina is determined by three factors: your resting heart rate, the highest heart rate during exercise and the extent to which your heart rate decreases after ending the effort. With a Bluetooth heart rate monitor from our wholesale you can track the development of your heart rate and thus build up your stamina. With a heart rate monitor, you know exactly what you do and how to train more efficient. The chest strap is very comfortable to wear and will therefore not interfere while doing sports. Because the bond with the heart rate monitor is adjustable, you can make it exactly fit for your body.

Specifications of the heart rate monitor from our wholesale

With the heart rate monitor from our wholesale you can keep track of your body even more closely. You know exactly what level your condition and it is easier to work towards a certain point. It is also easier to determine your progress. The characteristics of the heart rate monitor from our wholesale are:

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Transmission range & lt; 30m
  • 50 g
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to measure your pulse
  • In black
  • Adjustable
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