Hotbelt - sauna belt


Hotbelt - sauna belt

The summer is coming and this is the moment to lose all those extra kilos around your waist. Who doesn't want to look good in that hip summer dress or that new bikini. Especially if you want to lose want around your waist, this hot belt is what you are looking for. Trainen and sports work, but it goes faster with this thermal slimming belt around your waist. If you wear this hotbelt during sports, you will burn more fat doing to same thing. You can also wear the hotbelt during daily activities, just under your clothes, without being noticed. Unnoticeably you will lose weight wile you bike, doing your groceries or walking the dog, so without really going to sport. The hotbelt is being sold in the sizes M, L and XL with several stretch bands that is easy to attach with velcro.

The secret of the hotbelt is that the temperature will rise during exercise (around the waist only). This gives a sort of sauna-effect, you will burn more fat and extra waste product will get drained (a sort of detox-effect).

Order the Hotbelt at the wholesale

Make your body ready for summer and support your back with the new Hotbelt out of our Wholesale!

Specifications of the Hotbelt out of our wholesale

  • For men and women!
  • Available in the sizes: M (EU: 34-36), L (EU: 36-38) en XL (EU: 38-40)
  • Exact dimensions:
  • M: 97 cm x 21 cm x 0,5 cm
  • L: 105 cm x 22 cm x 0,5 cm
  • XL: 115 cm x 23 cm x 0,5 cm
  • Material: polyester-neoprene
  • Attachment: velcro
  • Available in the colour Yellow, Pink, Blue and Black.

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