Ice protection blanket


Ice protection blanket / antifreeze cover

In the winter months, the removal of frost from the windshield of the car is a recurring annoyance. This problem can easily be solved with this ice protection blanket from our wholesale company. With this cover for antifreeze for your car you always have good visibility immediately after heavy frosts. And the antifreeze cover for your car is designed very practical. Of course you also want to protect the windshield of your car against freezing.


Order the ice protection blanket now in our wholesale

It's often a hassle to cover te window each time, not to mention the trouble cleaning the glass. However, with the ice protection blanket from our wholesale company, these problems are gone. This cover for antifreeze for your car is magnetic and therefore can be placed and removed with ease. No more fiddling to get the ice protection blanket right at place. With the magnets it is quite simple. In addition, this model of antifreeze for the car is equipped with a special lock so theft is not likely. Of course, the blanket is waterproof.


Specifications of the ice protection blanket from our wholesale

Do not take unnecessary risks with poor visibility in the current traffic when it freezes. With good protection you can get on the road safely on a cold morning. Of course you also can use the ice protection blanket as a sunscreen during extremely hot days. Due to the handy magnets placing the blanket is even then a simple job and you prevent your car will become extremely hot.

  • Efficient form of antifreeze for cars
  • Easy to attach
  • Made from durable material
  • Magnetic
  • 96 cm x 163 cm x 1 cm
  • light weight
  • Theft lock
EAN: 3437802014558 
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