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Talking with a Bluetooth headset is very useful but often Bluetooth headsets are not beautiful. That is why many of us do not like to use a headset. It has a bit of an old-fashioned image. Hence, there is now a new product on the market, namely a totally innovative and elegant design Bluetooth headset! It is barely noticeable and it also looks beautiful!

Bluetooth headset stays comfortably in your ear so it cannot fall out during the call! Make phone calls now with this handy In-Ear piece!

Order the In Ear Bluetooth Earphones in our wholesale

Bluetooth headset only requires the use of one ear, thus you will receive only one ear piece. This model ensures that you can maintain good conversations while still perceiving the ambient noise during the phone call. This can be very useful when cycling, sports or driving!

The Bluetooth headset is comfortable and barely noticeable! You protect this lovely In Ear earphone with free pouch that will be provided to you. Use this pouch as well to store the USB cable so that you have everything together! The perfect gadget while driving, cycling or sports!

Specifications of the in-ear Bluetooth earplug / headset from our wholesale

Some specifications of the product:

    • Equipped with a USB connector that enables the gadget to be charged.
    • Equipped with an LED indicator light.
    • Equipped with a power button.
    • The microphone provides sound quality so that phone calls can go well.

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