iPhone 6S Mirror Case


Mirror Covers - iPhone 6s

Protect your iPhone 6s with a good case that also looks beautiful. Protecting your iPhone is important to prevent scratches and dents, but the look of the case is also an important aspect. This gives you a certain look, the case has to fit you and your style. This mirror case for the iPhone 6s is a striking, bling bling case!

The luxury iPhone case has a beautiful appearance and brilliance. It really works as a mirror through which everything will reflect and you can see yourself looking good in it!

Order the Mirror Case iPhone 6s in our wholesale

Order this mirror case for the iPhone 6s in our wholesale and fill the iPhone range. A must have for iPhone owners 6s!

Specifications of the mirror Case iPhone 6s from our wholesale

This beautiful cover keeps dirt out and ensures that the iPhone is protected from scratches and dents. In addition, this case is a real eye-catcher because of the shiny materials.

    • The case weighs only 20 grams (0.71 oz).
    • The mirror case is made of TPU and flexible.

Order the beautiful iPhone mirror case in our wholesale now and add it to your collection of gadgets. A must have for iPhone 6 owners and women who want a bling bling case! You're a real trendsetter with such a nice case like this one!

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