iPhone repair kit - 11 pcs


iPhone repair kit - 11 pcs

This handy iPhone repair set consists of no less than 11 tools that you can use to fix the iPhone. So you can open the iPhone with one of five screwdrivers and dismantling, with the sucker, you can lift out gently components and other tools you can further decompose the iPhone, disassemble, assemble and repair! In short, a handy compact iPhone repair kit for a nice price!

Order the iPhone repair set 11 pcs in our wholesale

Order this gift iPhone / DIY gadget in our wholesale. A useful and most popular item for those with an iPhone or repair of an iPhone like the iPhone 6S, 6Plus iPhone, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 4.

Specifications of the iPhone repair set 11 pcs from our wholesale

Fix your iPhone or iPhone from someone else with this handy repair kit! Through handy videos and tutorials online you can make yourself to quickly get started with repairing your own iPhone. By using the right tools, you can do it yourself!

For example, use it for the replacement of the screen, the replacement of the back, the replacement of a button or whatever! This compact kit goes a long way!

Surprise yourself with a cool gadget iPhone or anyone else! A lovely repair kit you as iPhone holder can always use it! Buy this product now in our wholesale and place your order direct.

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