Jackplug splitter for headphones and microphone


Jack plug splitter for headphone and microphone

Does your pc or laptop have two separate plugs for your headphone and microphone? If that is the case and if they are standard 3.5 mm female jack plugs, then this jack plug splitter from our wholesale will definitely come in handy. Especially if you have modern headphones with an integrated microphone. You can conect headphones with a built-in microphone with this jack plug splitter by plugging it into the female jack plug. This jack plug splitter features two separate cords, both ending in a male jack plug.  These  you can easily insert into both inputs for headphones and microphone and you’re good to go.


Order the jack plug splitter now in our wholesale

The jack plug splitter from our wholesale features plugs that are gold-plated. Gold is a noble metal and impervious to corrosion. It is a known fact that a superior signal transmission can be established using gold-plated connections. Because of this your jack plug splitter for headphone and microphone will give you a great and reliable sound quality for years to come. The total length of this gold-plated jak plug splitter is 20.5 cm, making it possible to take it with you wherever you like. Speaking and listening to your music or conversations, from now on you will do it at the same time.

Specifications of the jack plug splitter from our wholesale

With this gold-plated jack plug splitter you no longer need two separate cords for your headphone and microphone. The gold-plated plugs provide you with excellent sound quality.

  • The jack plug splitter has a 20.5 cm length
  • Because of its small dimensions it will fit into every bag or purse
  • It features one female jack plug and two male jack plugs
  • It has gold-plated plugs for superior signal transmission and sound quality
  • You  can connect it to your pc or laptop
  • You can use it with integrated headphones and microphone
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