Just married festoon - the ideal wedding decoration


Just married festoon - the ideal wedding decoration

Just like the words ‘’I love you’’ are these two words ‘’just married’’ known all over the world. That’s because the festoon with these words stand on many wedding photos. Old days revive because the vintage just married festoon is available in our wholesale. Think of the surprise for the couple if they suddenly see these meaningful words on the festoon. Photographers and videographers will have the ideal possibility of capturing the happy couple with this amazing wedding decoration.

Order the Just married festoon now in our wholesale

Not only for the wedding couple this will ensure for some emotions. There will be some older guests who will remember this decoration from their own wedding. Of course, you already have a fantastic idea for the placement for this unique wedding decoration. And what about attaching this just married festoon to the car of the couple? Especially when the couple will go on a honeymoon with the same car. The text will be read by everybody and they will welcome you kindly. Perhaps you will manage to attach the decoration without having the couple notice it!

Specifications of the just married festoon from our wholesale

Every wedding party deserves matching decoration and this just married festoon from our wholesale is a must have. Are you going to marry yourself in the near future or are you going to be the master of the ceremony at the wedding of your brother or sister or a friend? In that case you want to know more about this just married festoon from our wholesale:

  • Made of linen and paper
  • Black letters on a white background
  • Extra-long ribbon for easy attachment
  • Nice for on wedding photos, on the car or just in the party room
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