Karaoke microphone


Karaoke microphone

With this karaoke set the party comes definitely loose, because the microphone is so convenient to use. You don't need to take cumbersome cords or a standard into account. With this karaoke microphone the user can freely interpret his repertoire. Without a karaoke set it is hard to imagine a really great party. This is mainly caused by the fact that even those who normally are a little shy, all may come loose if they can sing their favorite song. It is not so strange the karaoke set is a Japanese invention. The Japanese must behave very collected indeed normally in social life.

Order the karaoke microphone now in our wholesale

Give your party something extra with the karaoke kit from our wholesale company. The microphone is wireless and fits nicely in your hand, so you can concentrate fully on your singing. A karaoke set is something for all ages and it is therefore suitable for all types of parties. Singing brings out the best in people, whether it comes to merriment or romance. And it really is not necessary to always sing completely correct. Who does his best, can expect an enthusiastic response. Of course you can also just use this karaoke microphone at home when you are fond of singing.

Specifications of the karaoke microphone from our wholesale

Do you want your party to be unforgettable? This karaoke microphone is not only practical, but also looks stylish. And thanks to the handy switches on the microphone itself, it is very easy to operate. A few features of the karaoke set from our wholesale:

  • Charging via USB
  • Works about eight hours after charging
  • Model: Q7
  • With convenient, compact console
  • Stylish execution
  • Suitable for all occasions
  • Bluetooth 4.0
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