Kitchen scale with glass plate

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Kitchen scale with glass plate

A kitchen scale is a tool that should not be missing in your kitchen. A mechanical kitchen scale makes sure you use the right quantities in the recipes and dishes that you make. This mechanical kitchen scale looks nice, has a retro look, is easy to clean and easy to use!

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Give yourself and the countertop a treat with this beautiful kitchen scale. He will look great on the counter! This scale weighs everything accurately so that you use the correct quantities during cooking and backing.

The scale is a blue bowl that you can use to weigh everything. Think about rice, pasta, flour and other ingredients you need. The bowl is not taken into account while weighing so you can read the exact amount directly. This kitchen scale can weigh up to a maximum weight of five kilograms (11 lb)!


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You Order a mechanical kitchen scale because you like using the right amounts during cooking and baking. The big advantage of a mechanical scale is that you need no batteries and that the scale always works. You will not have any nasty surprises when the kitchen scales no longer works when you need it.


This kitchen scale measures the items in the bowl and excludes itself from the total weight number. In this way you get to see the exact amount of the pointer! In addition, a mechanical kitchen scale also nice to put on the counter and it can be an eye-catcher in the kitchen!

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