Lantern as wedding decoration - whitein white


Lantern as wedding decoration - whitein white

Lantern always have a special vibe. A lantern emits festivity because of its special design, and now as they can be lighted by LED lamps they are also practical and they can be placed everywhere. Enhance a wedding with these white LED lanterns from our wholesale. This beautiful decorations can, of course, also be used for other kinds of parties.

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The warm white light has a natural elegance which can give your special day a bit extra. The lanterns can be placed everywhere and only your fantasy sets the limit. Let these stylish lantern light the way of the couple on their special day. Let the light be a symbol for their bright future. You can’t only place the lanterns on the ground but also on a fish line which are attached to poles. In this way the lanterns seem to float above the ground. However you can also put them in your garden or simply attach them to your house or at a wall or fence. Because it makes use of LED lighting, it is also safe to hang it in a tree.

Specifications of the lantern from our wholesale

A white lantern is the best decoration at a wedding but also at other parties. A atmospheric light for long, sultry evenings or cozy cold winter evenings. A few specifications of the lantern from our wholesale down below:

  • Made of paper
  • In white
  • Stylish and timeless
  • Available in the sizes 25, 35 and 40 cm
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