Laptop holder for a healthy posture

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Laptop holder for a healthy posture

Nowadays we use our laptop very regularly. It is important that it is exactly at the right height to work pleasantly. The laptop standard of the wholesaler is meant for this. The laptop stand is specially designed as a laptop holder. So sufficient space has been taken into account for cables and connections.


Order laptop holder in wholesale

Many people experience muscle pain or headache when they are sitting in the same posture behind their beloved equipment for a long time. This is usually because they are in the wrong position or are looking at the screen from the wrong distance. Prevent it from happening to you and choose the wholesale laptop standard. Everything revolves around the correct height and location of your screen. For this you just have to use a laptop holder. The standard dimensions of these handy computers are not suitable for everyone. With a laptop stand you can personalize valuable devices on your physical characteristics. Make sure that you can sit comfortably in front of the screen anytime and anywhere. Finally, you are the one who can best determine that. And the laptop standard of the wholesaler is easily adjustable.


Features of the laptop holder from our wholesale

Are you sitting behind your keyboard for your work? Or can not you do without in connection with maintaining your social contacts? We use the internet for everything and sometimes our smartphone is not convenient. Then you need a larger device and an extensive keyboard. So you are much faster and you can organize your time more efficiently. This laptop stand is really a must. Even with a PC you can easily place the screen on the stand. A nice space has been left underneath for the keyboard.

  • Made of aluminum and ABS plastic
  • Space for external keyboard below the stand
  • With 4 USB ports for easy access
  • Comes with matching cord
  • Product code: Q020
  • EAN: 3437802022836
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