Laptop Stand / stand for laptop or tablet


Laptop stand / stand for tablet or laptop

If you want to type comfortably on your laptop, this stand made of timber is the ideal solution. Both at work and at home we increasingly use a laptop or a tablet. But if you can’t find a good working positions when you get to work with these devices, this will inevitably lead to complaints. Sore muscles in the arms and shoulders are often symptoms that you can’t find a good working positions when you're working. Also cramp in the neck and headache can be caused. The laptop stand out of our wholesale can ensure that you find a more comfortable position when working with your computer.

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This laptop stand is not only good for the user. The frequent use of a laptop or a tablet sometimes also ensures that your valuable device is overheating because the air vents aren’t fully exploited. The stand for laptops and tablets from our wholesale solves this problem for you. So the air vents of your computer can ensure proper cooling once again. Because of its elegant design and the natural material the laptop stand fits in the interior of any office or room. Of course you can also simply take the stand with you.

Specifications of the laptop stand from our wholesale

Do you work a lot with a tablet or laptop? It is important to have a good seating position. This allows for a better working position and in addition, the lifetime of the devices will be extended. This is because the cooling power is optimal. Learn more about the laptop stand from our wholesale? We have plotted a few points down below:

    • Made of wood
    • 24.6 x 23.3 x 7.2 cm
    • 402 g
    • Stylish and functional
    • For both tablet and laptop
    • Usable everywhere
    • Environment friendly
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