Laser projector


Laser projector

Do you have a child who has trouble with falling asleep? Or are you looking for a beautiful lamp which is contiuently changing of colour? With this spherical laser projector this will happen in no time. This laser projector is a lamp which you just put down somewhere. With its adapter you can connect it with a socket. Half of the sphere will turn. And because the sphere has a complek patern in different colour, this laser projector will give moving and colourful shadows on your ceiling and walls. Your child and you will completely relax of this show.

Order the laser projector now in our wholesale

With this laser projector from our wholesale you will create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere in your room. Relax after a day of hard working enjoying a glass of wine and this show on your walls and ceiling. Put on matching music and reach the mood you were intending. The soft and warm light immediately have a positive effect. The laser projector has two modes. With a turning sphere it will emit beautiful and moving shadows. Stop the sphere and it will become a nice ceiling light with an atmospheric colour pattern.

Specifications of the laser projector from our wholesale

With this laser projector from our wholesale you can easily create a lot more atmosphere in your house. A few extra specifications:

  • The base of the lamp is 13,5 x 11 cm.
  • The half spheric lamp of the laser projector has a diameter of 12 cm.
  • The turning lampshade has a complex pattern.
  • The laser projector will be delivered with an adapter.
  • The dimensions of the package are 15,5 x 15,5 x 21 cm.
  • The lamp will be delivered per unit.
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