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Laser star projector / Party lights

During the dark days there are wonderful holidays. Thanks to modern technology you can now use the best home party lights. This laser star projector gives truly amazing light effects. The invention of the laser has a lot of advantages. Also at the base of this party lights from our wholesale company has been laser light. This makes it possible to project more than 1,000 points of light, which also move automatically. Can you imagine how festive it will make your home and garden? The light can be used in an area of 15 - 30 square meters spread. The laser star projector provides party lights outside.

Order the Laser Star Projector now in our wholesale

The laser star projector can withstand the bad weather in the cold winter months and is waterproof. This party lights have a lifespan of about 5,000 hours and you can rely on many years of enjoyment. Another big advantage is that the festive lighting is also very economical to use. With an adapter, you can connect it to the electrical grid. The laser itself runs on 15 volts, and is thus economical in use. This month of December, your home may be the most prominent in the area, thanks to the special light of the laser star projector. But of course you can use this party lights also on other occasions, such as a garden party or maybe a BBQ in the summer?

Specifications of the Laser Star Projector from our wholesale

Do you want to know more about the laser star projector from our wholesale company? A few features of these party lights are:

  • Range from 15-30 square meters
  • Operates on 15 Volts
  • Wattage: 11-15 Watt
  • Among other things made of ABS and polymer
  • More than 1,000 points of light
  • Approximately 5,000 hours of use

Enjoy the incredible beauty of more than 1,000 points of light in beautiful colours!

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