Leather steering wheel cover


Steering wheel cover leather/ Steering wheel cover

Driving in a relaxed and fun way requires a good grip on your steering wheel to start with. The steering wheel cover in our wholesale gives you a pleasant feeling when holding the steering wheel during all seasons. It's cold in the summer and warm in the winter. The soft materials provide an excellent grip in all circumstances. This steering cover will enhance your comfort while driving, which leads to a better concentration on the road. The steering wheel cover can be used in any type of car, since it comes with a needle and thread.

Order the steering wheel cover in our wholesale

The steering wheel cover in our wholesale can be easily installed and you can make it fit as you want. The top layer of the cover is made of leather, which gives it a soft touch and a classy look. The steering wheel cover in our wholesale completes the interior of your car. Don't grab your steering wheel reluctantly no more. Choose for a soft and elegant solution with our steering wheel cover.

Specifications of the steering wheel cover from our wholesale

The busy and stressful modern traffic requires you to keep your full concentration on the road. Therefore it's important to have everything in order, so that you won't get distracted or irritated. A good steering wheel cover can't miss in your car. Think of your and your passenger's safety and keep everything in hand, especially your steering wheel.

  • Top layer : leather
  • Diameter: 38 cm (14,96 in)li>
  • Width : 10-15 cm (3,94-5,91 in)
  • Can be used during all seasons
  • Color: black
  • Classy look
  • Soft and comfortable feel
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