Led flashlight

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Led flashlight

Sometimes you just need one. For example if you ride in the dark and your light falls out. Or you stand along the side of the road with wagenpech and you have to shine. If you walk in the dark or when you camp. A flashlight, especially if it is a copy that gives a lot of light and is very compact, always comes in handy. This led flashlight from our wholesale is small, gives a lot of light and is rechargeable via a USB connection. A handy gadget is almost impossible. This flashlight with USB connection is made of high quality material, is shock resistant and gives a bright, adjustable light beam.


Order LED flashlight in wholesale

Before you go camping or jogging in the evenings, it is wise to charge this compact flashlight via its USB connection. If you need it, the LED flashlight gives you a bright light beam of up to 800 lumens, with which you can see up to 200 meters. This LED flashlight can take a beating, because it is made from a high-quality aluminum alloy. In addition, it is waterproof. If you want extra bright light, you can compress the light beam manually with the adjustment knob in front of the flashlight.


Features of the LED flashlight from our wholesale

Charge this flashlight from our wholesaler via its USB connection before you leave and you will never be left without light.

  • The flashlight is 9.3 x 2.6 x 2.4 cm, fits in any bag and is made of high quality aluminum
  • The 7 W LED lamp provides a light with an intensity of 800 lumen, in a beam that seems 100-200 meters far visible.
  • The width and therefore the intensity of the light beam is adjustable and this LED flashlight can give bright, moderate or pulsating light
  • The LED flashlight contains a rechargeable battery, which can be charged via its USB connection
  • The model is shock-resistant and waterproof
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