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LED Flashlight

Sometimes you just need one. For example, if you ride a bicycle in the dark and suddenly your light fails. Or when you stand by the side of the road with car trouble and you need a little illumination. When you’re hiking in the dark or when you’re camping. A flashlight, especially a compact one, supplying you with a lot of light, always comes in handy. This LED flashlight from our wholesale company is small,  gives you plenty of light and is rechargeable via a USB connection. You will not find a gadget more convenient than this. This flashlight with USB connector is made of high quality material, is shock resistant and supplies you with a bright and adjustable beam.

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Before you go camping or go out jogging in the evening,  it is wise to charge this compact flashlight via its USB connection. If you need it, the LED flashlight will give you a bright beam of up to 800 lumen, giving you a visibility up to 200 meters. This LED flashlight is sturdy because it is made of a high strength aluminum alloy. It is waterproof as well. If you need extra bright light, you just compress the beam manually with the adjuster front.


Specifications of the LED flashlight from our wholesale

Charge this flashlight from our wholesale company via its USB connection before you go and you will never run out of light.

  • This flashlight measures  9.3 x 2.6 x 2.4 cm in size,  fits into any pocket and is made of high quality aluminum
  • The 7 W LED lamp produces  light with 800 lumen intensity, with a beam reaching up to 100-200 meters.
  • The light beam’s width and thus the intensity is adjustable.  This LED flashlight can give bright, moderate, or pulsating light
  • The LED flashlight contains a rechargeable battery that can be charged  via its USB connection
  • This flashlight is shock resistant and waterproof
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