LED lamp with solar panel / night lamp Solar


LED lamp with solar panel / night lamp Solar

Always have the ability of using a light source, even when your batteries died. With the portable LED lamp from our wholesale you're ready for anything. Daytime provides the solar panels with light which ensures that the battery is charged so that the lamp is ready for action when it is dark. A night light is of course ideal for a camping trip or a day off in nature, but also at home or on the farm, this LED light bulb is almost indispensable. Now you finally have a beneficial source to find the way in that dark attic or closet. And of course, this portable night light is immediately ready when the power goes off.

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When the battery is fully charged, the lamp has sufficient energy to light up to 5 hours. So you can do a job for example, or spend a relaxing summer evening in the garden with plenty of light. This portable lamp from our wholesale is equipped with a remote control and a warning light so you can see whether it is enabled or not. Of course, you can also hang the night lamp in a dark stairwell. And are your children at night afraid of the dark? When you hang the night lamp on a nice spot to hang in the hallway, the light shines confidentially into their room.

Specifications of the LED lamp with solar panel from our wholesale

The LED lamp from our wholesale can be used in many ways and functions well as a night light, as well as additional illumination in difficult jobs under the hood of your car, for example. Thanks to the solar panel, this LED lamp is also very beneficial. The features:

  • Portable
  • Works on solar energy
  • Lights five hours after charging
  • 15 Watt
  • 6 Volt
  • With handy remote control
  • Suitable for all kinds of situations
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