LED lights air-valve - 2 pieces


LED lights air-valve - 2 pieces

This set of two convenient bike LED lights is not only great fun but also very convenient. Make sure you are always well lit when the streets are dark. These air-valve LED lights ensure that you are being seen and that you stand out on the road! Each bike is equipped with an air-valve so you can use this fun set of two valve LED lights for every bike.

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This set consists of no less than two air-valve LED lights that decorate the wheel nicely in the dark. The lights turn on as soon as the wheels start moving. Because of this they create a beautiful disc of light in the wheel. Such a fun air-valve lights are also very nice for the children's bicycle. In this way they are in the dark in a fun way.

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Specifications of the Air-Valve LED lights from our wholesale

    • This handy LED valve LEDs are 3 replaceable AG10 button batteries (included).
    • These sets are available in blue and green.

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