LED watch


LED watch

You can use it while jogging in the dark, or when you go camping in the great outdoors. This handy LED watch is more than just a timepiece. It is also a very practical flashlight. Do you occasionally visit caves  or do you like to walk through dark basements or attics with poor lighting? This LED watch with its powerful 600 lumen flashlight will come in very handy. The LED lighting is durable and the you can charge the battery of your LED watch from our wholesale company easily with the supplied micro USB cable. Of course you can wear this watch with LED flashlight just because it is beautiful and  looks cool on you.

Order the LED watch now in our wholesale

The 600 lumen strong beam of the flashlight on your LED watch has a range of 50 up to 100 meters. This should be enough to find your way in the dark. After up to 3.5 hours of continuous use of the flashlight function, the rechargeable battery must be recharged. This is done via a micro USB cable  you can plug into a charger or power bank. The LED watch from our wholesale company is made of impact resistant plastic and is waterproof as well, making it a very practical gadget for camping, especially when it’s raining.

Specifications of the LED watch from our wholesale

Always be on time and never be without light with this LED watch with built-in flashlight from our wholesale company.
Made of high quality plastic, waterproof and shockproof
Equipped with a 6 W LED light that provides 600 lumen strong lighting, with a lifespan of 100,000 hours
The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides your flashlight with 2-3.5 hours of capacity. You can recharge it  with a micro USB cable
The light beam of the flashlight has a range of 50-100 meters
Suitable for use during sports, during camping or when you have problems seeing at night.

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