Lens mug made of stainless steel / coffee mug


Lens mug made of stainless steel / coffee mug

Are you a photographer or do you love photography? Or do you someone who applies to this? Surprise this person or yourself with this lens mug. People will smile when they see you drinking coffee from a lens. Take this coffee mug to your work and it will be the conversation of the day. Your lens mug is at the inside made of stainless steel. Thereby it will be easy to clean. The lens mug made of stainless steel also has a lens as a cap, which you simply screw on. So you coffee will stay warm, even when you are on the move, in the train or in your car. So the lens mug will function as a vacuum jug. The details at the sides of the coffee mug are beautiful. At first sight nobody will notice it isn't a real lens.

Order the lens mug now in our wholesale

The detailed outside of this special coffee mug from our wholesale is made of high quality plastic. All details of a real lens can be found on the coffee mug. The closing cap represents a real lens and after you screw it on your mug it will keep your drink at the right temperature. Of course you can also drink tea from this coffee mug. This stainless steel easil be cleaned. The stainless steel mug will keep the right temperature and the plastic shell isolates as well.

Specifications of the lens mug from our wholesale

Let everyone look at you when you are drinking coffee or give this special coffee mug from our wholesale as a fun present.

  • Coffee mug which looks like a lens of a camera
  • The inside of the mug is made of stainless steel
  • The mug is easy to clean
  • The lens cap functions as a closing cap
  • Suitable for usage in the car
  • Diameter of 8,4 cm
  • Height of 13 cm
  • Dimensions package: 9 x 9x 14,5 cm
  • Volume of the mug: 375 ml
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