Lightbox with letters, numbers and symbols

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Light box - led box with letters, numbers and symbols

Do you really want a funny and decorative lamp? Then this light box with letters is exactly what you are looking for. In this lightbox you can post a short but important message. The light box with letters comes with a variety of letters, numbers and characters so that you can indulge your imagination. Do you want to surprise your guests, your children to convey a message or do you want to make clear to your partner what you are feeling for him or her? You can do all this and more with led box with letters from wholesalers. The light box contains besides letters also numbers, punctuation marks and other symbols so that you can add more colour to your message.


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Of course the light box is meant as a funny ornament in your home and you or one of your family will adapt the messages to the circumstances with great pleasure. But the light is also a nice decorative lamp which will feel at home in any interior. The light box with letters is also very suitable for business use to convey messages, but also at a party you can use it to make the guests something clearly or simply let them smile. The light box with letters from the wholesaler is really multifunctional. The light box can of course also be placed in a business environment or public space.


Specifications of the light box from our wholesale

Are you going to give this light box from our wholesale company a place of honour in your home or do you keep it for special occasions, like a wedding or a birth? You can convey the funniest messages through this convenient light. You can easily retract the letters, so it is totally effortless. The light box is equipped with LED lights, so it lasts long and is energy efficient.

  • With letters, numbers and symbols
  • A4
  • 160 lumens
  • Equipped with LED lighting
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