Lip Pump for fuller lips


Lip Pump for fuller lips 

This lip pump in our wholesale are very beautiful full lips. Full lips are seen as very sexy and the lip pump is one of the newest tools which is available on the market. By putting the lip pump briefly on the lips, they become larger. It is recommended to use the lip pump before applying any makeup. The lip plumper is available in one size and suitable for all types of lips.

Order the Lip Pump in our wholesale

This lip pump from our wholesale will give you fuller lips. Just a few specifications:

  • Made of plastic
  • Thorough cleaning after use
  • Build up the use
  • Every day
  • Never use more than 2 minutes

Specifications of the lip pump from our wholesale

It is important to build up the use of the lip plumper. For the first twee weeks you should use the pump twice a day during a few seconds. You can increase this after the second week to three to four times a day. Only after a month you can use the lip pump more often, but never for more than two minutes per day. Make sure both the area around your mouth and the pump are clean before use. How the lip pump our wholesale works:

  • Place the lip pump over the mouth
  • Keep it firmly in place
  • Make sure that the pump sucks vacuum
  • Drain the pressure
  • Repeat for 15 to 30 seconds

It is important that this action does not hurt. Should this be the case, do not continue with the pumping. After the operation, you can apply the appropriate makeup.

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