LTE dongle / 4G modem


LTE dongle / 4G modem

4G Is the fourth generation in the standards when talking about mobile telecommunications and it is the fastest what is available on the market. In the Netherlands the coverage of 4G is quite good. In case you are in a place which doesn't have access to 4G, the modem will automatically switch to 3G. In our modern world we need the internet on a daily basis. Especially business wise, but it is also a solution for at home. It is very unpleasant if you don't have an internet connection in a specific location. Therefore we introduce the LTE dongle from our wholesale. You just plug it into your computer via an USB-portal and you can start working. With the 4G modem you can keep working efficiently, because the connection is fast and stable.

Order the LTE dongle now in our wholesale

The dongle from our wholesale will allow you to work almost everywhere you want. The 4G modem has the shape of an USB-stick, wherefore you can easily take it with you. The modem is ideal for business purposes. You can use at the office, but also work while you are on the way for a visit to some customers or when you need to travel a lot for your work. It is also handy to have a portable modem for private usage, because the internet connection is fast and also outside your house you always have internet.

Specifications of the LTE dongle from our wholesale

With the help of this small efficient dongle you can use your computer on way more locations in comparison with what you are used to. Of course, this can also be used for private purposes. Do you want to go on holiday to most beautiful destinations and still look up the route on your laptop? With the dongle from our wholesale that is possible wherever you want.

  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Frequency: 2100 MHz
  • Speed: 100 MB/s
  • 9200 PK Huawei E8278
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