Lumenmax LED lamp


Lumenmax LED lamp

Do you want to reduce your electricity costs but still want to have a reliable and good light? Do you want a lamp that immediately emits proper light and do you not want to wait long until the proper light level is reached? In that case replace all your CFLs by LED lighting. Especially this Lumenmax LED lamp will immediately emit a warm white light without having to wait. And you will see the economization on your monthly payment bill. Pay attention on the type of fitting and light colour while buying. With this Lumenmax LED lamp from our wholesale we will give you all the relevant information.

Order the Lumenmax LED lamp now in our wholesale

If your lamp has a big fitting, your LED lighting needs an E27-fitting to fit neatly. If you want LED lighting with a warm, white glow you need to choose a lamp with a light temperature of 3000 K. This Lumenmax LED lamp will give you all of the things listed above. Your energy savings are considerable, because it has the same light intensity as a CFL of 70 W, while it uses 10 W. So it will be reduced 7 times! Within half a second it will shine on almost full strength and it has a lifecycle of about 25.000 hours so the Lumenmax LED lamp is a good and sustainable choice. And of course due to its low energy usage it is also good for the environment.

Specifications of the Lumenmax LED lamp from our wholesale

Comforable and a lot of light, a better environment and a low electricity bill. This is all possible with the sustainable LED lighting from our wholesale.

  • A light temperature of 3000 K (warm white)
  • E-27 fitting, suitable for lamps with a bigger fitting
  • Suitable for 220-240 V
  • Suitable for 50-60 Hz AC
  • The dimensions are 60 x 108 mm
  • A good replacement for 70 W CFLs
  • Lifetime of 25.000 hours
  • Light angle of 160 degrees
  • Energy efficient class A
  • 60% of its light intensity is reached within 0,5 second
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