Macbook stand / laptop stand in aluminum


Macbook stand / laptop stand with space for docking - aluminum

If you're looking for a nice MacBook position than we have in our wholesale a copy for you that is entirely made of aluminum. This chic laptop stand is very efficient and durable, but also gives extra dimension to your work or hobby room. The laptop stand is a handy cutout made for the cables so that they can always be placed in an organized manner. In addition, you can in the space under the laptop in a convenient way places you docking, so that it is neatly integrated into the whole.

Macbook state order in wholesale

In addition to a chic design and efficient design makes this laptop stand out our wholesale natural in the first place that it makes working on the laptop is much more comfortable. The state ensures that you adopt the correct posture when using. This makes your work more enjoyable, you become less fatigue and prevent physical symptoms such as muscle pain. The Macbook stand is suitable for all laptops, but especially for the models with a screen between 11 and 15 inches. The laptop stand from our wholesale you can carry easily thanks to its compact shape. In addition, the weight remains tasty low by the use of aluminum.

Features of the MacBook state of our wholesale

A Macbook stand is a godsend for anyone who frequently with this elegant laptop from Apple is working. Of course, this model is also suitable for other laptops. Your posture is improved by it and that the equipment can ventilate better, it also lasts longer. Macbook state of our wholesale is characterized among other things by the following:

  • Made of aluminum
  • Suitable for various laptops
  • With space for a docking
  • chic styling
  • Weighs 350g
  • 21 x 25 x 7 cm wide
  • Convenient openings for cables

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SKU: K125

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