Magnetic iPhone charger


Magnetic iPhone charger!

This handy set is only designed for the iPhone and exists of an adapter and a converter. You can easily charge your iPhone, because the USB cable makes a magnetic connection with you iPhone.

Order the magnetic iPhone charger at the wholesale

Order this handy magnetic iPhone charger now in our wholesale.

A super handy product so you can easily submit your iPhone to the charger.


Specifications of the magnetic iPhone charger out of our wholesale

Ensure that the converter is in the charging input of your iPhone, then put the adapter on the USB cable so the converter and adapter can make connection by using a magnetic field.

The input of the iPhone will not only stay clean and closed forever, but also when you accidently pull your phone while the cable is still in the input, it doesn't matter because this will just let go.

This principal has already been used with the name MagSafe by the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

  • SNAF only works with real Apple Lightning cables.
  • Easy to attach the charger because of the magnetic radiation.
  • No hassling with plugging in the cable.
  • The charging portal of the iPhone will be kept clean.
  • The plugging in and out of the charging cable damages the connection of the iPhone and the cable can be damaged. With this magnetic connection that isn't the case anymore.
  • Easy and quick charging in the car.
  • Dimensions of the converter: 1,2 mm by 14 mm.
  • Dimensions of the adapter: 15,2 mm by 20 mm.
  • Suitable for the iPhone: 5, 5c, 5S, iPhone 6, 6S, 6Splus, 6Plus.
  • Weight: 4.6 gram

What is included in the package? 

  • The adapter
  • The converter

So, magnetic charging is way easier, handier and better for the iPhone! Order this handy set now at 24TradeStore!

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