Make-Up Sponge


Make-Up Sponges - Foundation sponges

For many women it is important to be able to do their makeup well on a daily basis. Even if you use little or much makeup, it's fine as it is closed properly! Foundation, for example, di © foundation for the rest of the face. A nicely made face starts with a good foundation. Which bring in with a makeup sponge to prevent streaks and spots!

You often see women with a beautifully made up face and go automatically assume that they can or have to do it very well. Yet this is not a beautiful makeup can include simply do it yourself! When you use this makeup sponge, you will see that the preparation is much better!

Keep the sponge clean so you can use it every day! Rinse the sponge for example, as with water or use a small amount of baby shampoo. The soft sponge structure will not change this.

Order the Makeup sponges in order wholesale

Order this compact makeup sponge now in our wholesale and take advantage of this special offer! A nice, convenient and simple product that every woman is happy.

Specifications of the makeup sponges from our wholesale

    • This makeup sponge is suitable for daily use.
    • Cleaning the sponge after each use will make it last longer.
    • The makeup sponge leaves no spots or streaks.
    • An addition for your bathroom!
    • Easy to carry.
    • 4.5 by 3.5 by 2.5 cm.
    • Soft texture
    • Set of 4 pieces

A makeup sponge should not be missing in your makeup collection. Put your foundation brush on the side and use this handy makeup sponge. Allows you to apply the foundation well without streaks or spots to leave. A beautiful smooth look as the perfect base for your make-up.

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