Makeup box


Makeup box / cosmetics case

Of course you always will look your best. A cosmetics case is really the answer. Of course, it is convenient to use at home because it is so complete. Is your dressing table often a mess with the different types of make-up? That is no longer necessary with the stylish cosmetics case from wholesalers. There's room enough for 57 items by the convenient design. With this makeupbox your makeup will always be stored tidy. And because this makeup box also has another chic design, it looks beautiful on your dressing table or in the bathroom.

Order the makeup box now in our wholesale

But when you're traveling, you should also look perfect. That will be no problem with this makeup box. You can easily use it as a cosmetics case. You always will find a place in your luggage and so you can always travel with a complete equipment in the field of makeup. Do not settle for less than the cosmetics case from wholesalers. In this make-up box you'll find a wide variety of cosmetics. Give your skin more color with a fine powder, color your lips and make it all complete with a lip pencil. Of course you can not miss eye shadow. Perfect your eye makeup with an eye pencil. With nail polish your hands also look really neat.

Specifications of the makeup box from our wholesale

Do you want to store all your make-up? This cosmetics case from our wholesale company is cut out for you. Additionally, you can also take this makeup box easy on travels. That is quite efficient. A small selection of the content:

  • 6 x 4 eyeshadow palettes with tassels
  • Various lip gloss tubes
  • Blush and shimmer powders
  • Lipsticks
  • Nail polish in all colors
  • Eyeliners
  • Lip Pencils
  • Different makeup brushes
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