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Brush set 32-piece

This professional brush set from our wholesaler contains no less than 32 brushes. That means that not only for all types of make-up you have a specific brush, but you can also choose from different brushes per make-up. So you can tune the brushes exactly to your favorite blusher, concealer or eyeshadow for example. The set is packed in a handy leather storage bag. A practical point is that you can easily roll up this bag and close it with a cord. So you can take the set very compact and there is even a place for it to be found in your suitcase.

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When you use the right make-up brushes, it is possible to apply your make-up very evenly. This way, for example, there are no spots. In addition, it is of course more hygienic to apply the make-up with a brush instead of with the fingers. The brush set from our wholesale is easy to keep clean. It is important that you clean the brushes after each use. This can be done with lukewarm water, possibly mixed with a little soap. You can then dry the brushes by dabbing them gently with a cotton ball. The brush set from our wholesale includes brushes for:

  • Powder
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Eye shadow
  • Eyeliner
  • Lip gloss

Specifications of the brush set from our wholesale

With this brush set from our wholesale you can apply your make-up in a professional way. This way you easily create a stylish look. A few features of this make-up brush set we have already collected for you:

  • Apply evenly
  • Synthetic hair
  • Choice of black or wood
  • In handy leather storage bag
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Also suitable for traveling
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