Makeup brushes set


Makeup brushes set

The fashionable woman always carries a make-up pencil set with her. Every type of make-up requires a different type of pencil or brush. A long-haired pencil is used to evenly spread powder, while a short-haired pencil is used for liquids. The use of pencil not only allows an evener spread of the make-up, but is also more hygienic than using your hands.

Order the makeup brushes set in our wholesale

It's important to rinse your pencils after use. It's best to use lukewarm water. By rinsing your pencils after use, you'll make sure they are clean for the next use. Besides that, the pencils won't leave any stains in your toilet or make-up bag when putting them back in after use. The make-up pencil set in our wholesale is compact, but also very complete. Apply blush or powder with the special blush pencils, use the concealer brush to mix and apply the concealer and use the other pencils for applying the make-up they were designed for. In this way yor make-up will always look flawless.

Specifications of the makeup brushes set in our wholesale

The pencils and brushes included in the set, which you can find in our wholesale, are packed in a handy box. Of course, you can also put them in a compact pencil case.

  • 12 pencils
  • For eye shadow, foundation, blush en other make-up
  • Made from goat hair
  • Brand: Naked3
  • Easy to clean
  • In a compact box
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