Makeup suitcase - London Edition


Makeup suitcase / beauty case - London Edition

London is the place to be for a fashionista these days, but this makeup suitcase has more to offer than a beautiful look. Of course you also want your makeup can be stored properly and available immediately, and you can take it with you on travel. This beauty case from our wholesale company is the ideal choice for you. The stylish beauty case is a jewel in itself, but of course, the content is very complete. So you have the right makeup at any time. Give your skin a beautiful color, let your lips shine and make your eyes irresistible with the right eye shadow.

Order the makeup suitcase now in our wholesale

At home you can give this make up suitcase a permanent place on your dressing table or in the bathroom. So you always have a complete assortment at hand. For in this beauty case fits everything you need to look dazzling. Going on vacation or do you want to have access to the necessary makeup outdoors anytime, you can take this beauty case just with you. Due to the practical design and handy format there will always and everywhere be room for your makeup suitcase.

Specifications of the make-up case from our wholesale

With the make-up suitcase from our wholesale company you are ready for everything. Both at home or elsewhere, you can make yourself beautiful in a jiffy. Of course there is also a mirror, so that you can see the result immediately. Are you curious what's in this beautiful London edition? The beauty case includes a wide range of makeup, so you can complete your look. Some of the content:

  • 4 x 6 eyeshadow palettes
  • Different types of makeup brushes
  • Lipgloss in various designs
  • Lipstick in six colors
  • Blush powder
  • Nail polish
  • Manicure set
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