Mini first aid kit / first aid kit handy


Mini first aid kit / first aid kit handy

This mini first aid kit should really nothing missing. Both at home and in the workplace happen simply accidents. This handy first aid kit is a godsend to rapidly treat wounds and to connect. Of course, the first-aid kit to take along particularly practical in the car, traveling or just during an outing. Make sure you're never without the most necessary bandages.

Order first aid kit in the wholesale

Of course you hope that small accidents will remain in the area, but avoid all these are not natural. Then it is good to know that you can disinfect wounds with the mini first aid kit from our wholesale and connect. The set in handy first-aid kit contains everything you need for such minor accidents, wherever it takes place. Of course there is a tweezers to remove splinters or contamination problems. And a handy pair of scissors makes you easily bandages to the correct size can cut. Obviously there are major disinfectants that can prevent a possible infection. This first aid kit is so small in size that you can take them anywhere. Also in the car, such a set is actually indispensable. Because the set covered with sturdy PVC Oxford cloth, it can really take a beating. This first aid kit from our wholesale business is an excellent purchase for the conscious man.

The characteristics of the first aid kit from the wholesale

For the little emergencies, you can always have handy first-aid kit from our wholesale. The characteristics of the first-aid kit at a glance:

  • Material: Solid PVC Oxford cloth
  • Size: 14 x 10 x 5 cm
  • Contains: scissors, tweezers, swabs, disinfectants, dressings
  • Useful in the car or while traveling
  • Compact and complete

Will you be soon be in possession of this first-aid kit?

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