Mini spy cam

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Mini spy cam

Security is something you need to take seriously nowadays. This wireless mini camera from the wholesaler can be used in various ways. This can be done at home, at work or in traffic. This mini spy cam is small so it will not be noticed and yet very robust so you can use it anywhere. Do you want to secure your belongings at home or elsewhere? With this mini spy cam, it's possible because it does not stand out and you can save the images. Want to keep an eye on the baby room? With this wireless mini camera you can and it also has a sound option.


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Do you want to know at your company customers or employees do not use an opportunity to commit theft. With this mini spy cam  you can keep an eye on them. And of course, this wireless mini camera is also ideal in traffic to collect evidence in case of an accident. Is it is your intention to make other images which make it important your wireless mini camera will not be noticed? With this mini spy cam from the wholesale you can do it. But, consider the legal restrictions on using hidden cameras. The wireless mini camera is a real outcome.


Specifications of the mini spy cam from our wholesale

When you want to make unobtrusive images, this wireless mini camera is an excellent option. Of course, it is important not to violate privacy laws. When you will obtain this mini spy cam, it can provide very useful images. The model is just as useful in the baby room as in the traffic.

  • Compact and easy to take along
  • Image quality of 720p
  • Chargeable via USB
  • Support for micro SD card
  • Of high quality
  • Includes holder and has a sound option
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