Mipow Led Lamp


Mipow LED lamp - dimmeble+ Wireless

Are you looking for a colourful light source? This LED lamp of Mipow is the newest generation of disco LED lighting. With this Playbulb x App you can decide which colour the LED shines. The LED lamp works with Android and iOS on the smartphone. Ensure a cosy atmosphere in the living room, pub, restaurant or wherever you would like!

Via the app you can wirelessly adjust the Playbulb to the desired brightness and colour. Choose from the most beautiful styles and light effects!

You can choose all the colours of a rainbow but you can also choose for a quieter effect with which all the colours are being shown in turns automatically. The ‘Shake Mode’ is for example very fun during a party!

Order the Mipow LED lamp Playbulb now in our wholesale

Order the Mipow LED lamp Playbulb now in our wholesale. A beautiful product for an assortment of LED lighting.

Specifications of the Mipow LED lamp Playbulb out of our wholesale

  • The LED lamp has a timerfunction.
  • 5 LED lamps can connect with each other via the app.
  • Connect via bluetooth.
  • Bring more colour and light in your interior!

With this handy and colourful LED lamp you will enjoy a cool and attractive light effects where you want. Install the LED lamp in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or wherever your want! Take this LED lamp to work or decorate the house of your friend with this cool LED Lamp with light effects!

Order this Playbulb now in our wholesale!

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